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03 August 2023

New picnic tables update

The orginal five tables the YRA purchased can all now be used. A sixth table will be installed at Hill Corner in the coming months. Some of the members of our hardworking tree group enjoyed morning tea at the table on Alexandrina Drive after their morning's efforts. This is a great spot for a sit down with lovely views of the lake.

03 August 2023

Brickworks update

DOMA held a fourth public presentation on 13 July. They've now made available a video presentation of the evening. Read more to see an update summary and the link to the video presentation.

16 July 2023

CSIRO Redevelopment Update

The environmental assessment under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Diversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) has been completed.

25 April 2023

YRA submission to the Joint Standing Committee - submissions close 5 May

The Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories has commenced an inquiry into ways to foster and promote the significance of Australia’s National Capital. Closing date for submissions to the committee is 5 May. Click 'Read More': to see the YRA's submission to the committee; to read more about this committee and this inquiry; and to find out how to lodge your own submission.

24 April 2023

Seminar on 21st century public transport options for Canberra, 8 May 2023

This seminar will provide information on options for Canberra’s public transport system. The aim of the meeting is to provide up to date information on recently developed approaches to delivering efficient, cost-effective public transport solutions that could be used in Canberra.

04 April 2023

Kent Street Bridge Signalisation Completed

Kent Street Bridge opened to traffic at 11.00am on Tuesday 4 April

22 March 2023

Proposal to relocate the telecommunications facility at Royal Canberra Golf Club

In order to allow the proposed development of the CSIRO/Forestry School site on Banks St, the owner of the CSIRO site wants the existing mobile telephone tower relocated. The proposed site is the top of Bentham St, at the highest point in Yarralumla which is 11m higher than the existing site. The new tower will also be 5m taller than the existing tower. Submissions on this proposal close on Tuesday 28th March. An overview of the proposal, a copy of the YRA submission and details of where to send your comments are in the attached story.

28 February 2023

Outcomes and Issues from Public Information Session - Final YRA Submission added

Friday 3 March is the closing date for public submissions on the proposed new planning system. The attached news article contains information to help you to prepare your feedback. There are a summary of issues raised and discussion outcomes from the public meeting about the new Planning Bill; a feedback template which lists some key questions for you to consider; and links to the presentations and speakers notes from the public meeting.

23 February 2023

Presentations from Public Information Session on impacts on Yarralumla and Deakin of new ACT Planning Framework - Updated 20 Feb

The information session was well attended by Yarralumla and Deakin Residents. See the full story for more detail on the meeting and to access a copy of the main presentation and the speakers notes. There is also information to assist with submission preparation for those who choose to lodge a submission.

06 February 2023

CSIRO Redevelopment - Response to public comments

Oakstand was required to prepare a response to comments made by the public (including YRA) in relation to Oakstand's application under the EPBC Act to redevelop the CSIRO site. The attached copy of their response is published for information only.