Yarralumla's Heritage - take a self-guided tour to places of heritage significance

24 March 2024

Established in 1928, Yarralumla is one of Canberra's oldest suburbs. The National Trust has published two brochures for self-guided tours of places of heritage significance in Yarralumla.

Below are the links to the two National Trust brochures. You can also find these brochures and information about our local parks on our Walks, Parks and Gardens page.

You can read more about Yarralumla's history under Living in Yarralumla/Community Initiatives/History

Heritage Tour 1 Brochure will guide you to the following locations:

  1. Hyatt Hotel Canberra
  2. Canberra Croquet Club
  3. Albert Hall
  4. Lennox Gardens
  5. Canberra–Nara Park
  6. Along the shores of the Lake
  7. Yarralumla Bay
  8. Former Water Police Cottage
  9. Weston Park
  10. Yarralumla Nursery
  11. Casey House
  12. The Diplomatic Community

Heritage Tour 2 Brochure will guide you to the following locations:

  1. Westbourne Woods
  2. Canberra Incinerator
  3. Yarralumla Brickworks
  4. CSIRO Forestry Precinct
  5. Yarralumla Housing
  6. Yarralumla Streets
  7. Stirling Park (Westlake)
  8. Yarralumla Woolshed
  9. Government House
  10. Scrivener Dam