Presentations from Public Information Session on impacts on Yarralumla and Deakin of new ACT Planning Framework - Updated 20 Feb

23 February 2023

Updated on 20 February

More than 200 residents of Yarralumla and Deakin attended the public information session - Impacts on Yarralumla and Deakin of proposed new ACT Planning Framework - jointly hosted by the YRA and the DRA on 14th February. The numbers were greater than in the photo as a significant number arrived after the photo was taken.

The meeting was led by a panel chaired by Peter Pharaoh (YRA President). Panel members were Dr Diana Wright (YRA Public Officer), Dr John Bell (DRA President), and subject matter experts Richard Johnston and Albert Oberdorf.

Following opening comments from the chair, the format of the evening was presentations from both Diana and John, followed by a Q and A session led by Peter with each of Richard Johnston and Albert Oberdorf and then questions from the floor.

Documents from meeting

Slide presentation - produced by Dr Diana Wright and spoken to by both Dr Diana Wright and Dr John Bell. This is a pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation.

  • The presentation outlines the current planning framework followed by the proposed new framework and its many individual components.
  • The interaction of the various components and the assessment process is then addressed.
  • A map showing the current Territory Plan zoning of Deakin and Yarralumla is then provided.
  • This is followed by a series of maps from the Draft Inner South District Strategy that show the proposed changes for Yarralumla and Deakin, these are the:
    • “Potential Areas for New Housing”,
    • “Inner South District Strategy Plan”, and
    • “Sustainable Neighbourhoods.
  • Details are then provided on two major developments in Yarralumla, the Canberra Brickworks and the CSIRO Forestry Site.
  • There are then two maps of the Draft Inner South District Strategy proposals for the Deakin Local Centre and the commercial area of West Deakin.
  • A diagram showing an example of proposed “Urban Improvement” follows.
  • The presentation ends with details of how to gain further information and make a submission.
  • Following the end of the presentation is a table provided for the Panel Discussion by Richard Johnston on the current and proposed planning frameworks.

Speakers Notes

Development Assessment Forum (COAG 1998) - Model for Development Assessment - This document was prepared by panel member Richard Johnston. It sets out the 10 leading practices identified by the Development Assessment Forum for best practice development assessment and includes a comparison of Richard's assessment of the extent to which the current planning system and the proposed planning system comply with these practices.

To provide a comment or submission - Submissions close Friday 3 March

At the end of the meeting, in response to questions, we undertook to upload some key topics and summaries to assist with both 140 character comments and submission preparation.
Information to assist with preparation will be on this page on Monday 20 February.

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