Traffic, Planning and Development Activities


Activity Happenings Still to come
Yarralumla Shops Parking Parking consistently over capacity and layout accident prone Long standing issue
Access to Yarralumla Junctions at Dudley-Novar Street and Weston Street-Hopetoun Circuit at capacity or dangerous at peak times and out of suburb rat running. Brickworks development will bring extra pressure ACT Government proposed signalisation of Kent Street Bridge intersections.  Illegal U Turns at Hopetoun not yet addressed
Dudley Street Dudley Street to be widened and roundabout for Brickworks development Access Road constructed Construction due to commence second half 2020
Old Canberra Brickworks Redevelopment of Old Canberra Brickworks site contract with DOMA Group signed. Scale was reduced from 1,883 dwellings in 2014 to current limit of 380 dwellings.  DOMA has continued the Community Panel engagement process established by SLA  DOMA to recommence engagement with Community Panel on design with easing of corona virus restrictions.  Planning approvals process still at early stge. Development to commence once Access Road built 202-21
CSIRO Site CSIRO Site at Banks Street has Heritage listed early 1900's Australian Forestry School. Site sold to private company in 2002.  CSIRO lease ends 2022 and redevelopment for housing possible with associated traffic and parking issues. YRA has sought information from current owner of site on future plans
Derelict sites Redevelopment of 39 Bentham and 33 Hutchins Street (1921 Heritage registered brickworks cottages).  Demolition and construction commenced in 2012.Developemnt approval lapsed in 2012 and site has now been derelict for 8 years. Engagement with ACT Government since 2015 seeking to address this. Government advice in May 2020 that it is investigating.
YMCA Aquatic Recreation Centre YMCA corporate administration relocated from the ARC in first half of 2020. Periodic engagement with YMCA on ARC+C6
YMCA Auxiliary Community Hall Community Hall in Mueller Street leased by YMCA in 1960 has not been used since 2013 and is in a state of disrepair. YRA has commenced engagement with the YMCA on future of the Hall.