Territory Plan

The Territory Plan is thus the key statutory planning document in the ACT, providing the policy framework for the administration of planning in the ACT.  The purpose of the Territory Plan is to manage land use change and development in a manner consistent with strategic directions set by the ACT Government, Legislative Assembly and the community, and it must not be inconsistent with the National Capital Plan.  The Planning and Development Act 2007 (ACT) s46 to s104 specifies in detail the requirements of the Territory Plan.

The Planning and Development Act s51 requires that the Territory Plan must include a statement of strategic directions; objectives for each zone; development tables; codes; and a map (the territory plan map) and these are provided in s52 to 56.  The Territory Plan also includes a series of general, development codes, precinct codes, structure plans and concept plans for the development of future urban areas.  The Act sets out the means by which variations to the Territory Plan may be approved including through subordinate instruments of “special variations” and “technical amendments. Technical variations include :errors, code variations, zone or boundary changes, or to ensure consistency with the National Capital Plan. Limited consultation is required for code variations and variations in relation to the rezoning of future urban areas (Planning and Development Act 2007 (s90)).