New Planning Framework - Follow up from YRA AGM

20 September 2023

Follow-ups from YRA AGM
19 September 2023

New ACT Planning Framework - Links to Interim Territory Plan and Consultation and Submissions on Framework in Previous Public Consultations

  1. New Interim Territory Plan 2023 – Legal instrument
  2. New Interim Territory Plan 2023 - Details
  3. Legislative Assembly Inquiry on New Interim Territory Plan - opened 14 September 2023, submissions close 27 October 2023, Reporting date 11 March 2024
  4. Legislative Assembly Inquiry on Planning Bill 2022- 21 September 2023, Report Released 22 December 202 2– Public Submissions
  5. Draft district strategies and draft Territory Plan Public Consultation 1 November 2022 - 3 March 2023 – Public Submissions


1. New Interim Territory Plan 2023 – Legal instrument

Interim Territory Plan Notifiable instrument (Legal Document) can be found at 

2. New Interim Territory Plan

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The Territory Plan guides planning and development in the ACT.

As part of the new planning system, Canberra now has a new interim Territory Plan.

It outlines what development can take place and where. It guides developers and gives the Territory Planning Authority the tools to approve or refuse applications for development.

The Territory Plan has District and Zone policies to help with this.

District policies details the key assessment requirements and expected outcomes relevant to each specific district. Zone policies lists the types of developments that can be built in specific zones.

It also lists what documentation is required for assessment to occur.

District specifications

DS1 – Gungahlin District Specifications

DS2 – Belconnen District Specifications

DS3 – Inner North and City District Specifications

DS4 – Inner South District Specifications

DS5 – Molonglo Valley District Specifications

DS6 – Weston Creek District Specifications

DS7 – Woden District Specifications

DS8 – Tuggeranong District Specifications

DS9 – East Canberra District Specifications

DS10 – Non-Urban Districts Specifications

Zone Specifications

ZS1 – Residential Zones Specifications

ZS2 – Commercial Zones Specifications

ZS3 – Industrial Zones Specifications

ZS4 – Community Facility Zone Specifications

ZS5 – Parks and Recreation Zones Specifications

ZS6 – Transport and Services Zones Specifications

ZS7 – Non-Urban Zones Specifications

SS1 - Subdivision Specifications

Inquiry process for the Territory Plan

The Minister for Planning and Land Management must provide the draft plan to the Standing Committee on Planning, Transport, and City Services.

Whether or not an inquiry occurs will be a decision made by the committee.

If an inquiry is held, the committee will need to provide a report to the ACT Government within 6 months from the start of the inquiry. Find out more about independent inquiries on the Legislative Assembly website.

After the Territory Plan has been provided to the committee, the Legislative Assembly must then decide whether there will be an interim Territory Plan. An interim Territory Plan means that from the commencement day the plan is in force and development applications need to comply with it.

At the end of the inquiry process, the interim Territory Plan may be updated in response to the recommendations made by the committee.

The Legislative Assembly may decide to approve an amended version of the Territory Plan or agree to no changes being made to the interim Territory Plan.

The Territory Plan approved by the Assembly after the inquiry process is the final Territory Plan and will no longer be an interim plan.

3. Inquiry into new Territory Plan - opened 14 September 2023, submissions close 27 October 2023,
Reporting date 11 March 2024

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We want to hear from you!

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to this inquiry are now open.

The Committee will be reviewing the proposed Territory Plan and its supporting documents such as design guides and planning technical specifications.

The ACT Government received a large volume of feedback during the consultation period, which included over 1,700 responses from the community. The Committee has received all those pieces of feedback and will consider them as part of this inquiry. The Committee is incredibly grateful to the community for dedicating so much of their time already to the Planning Review. The Committee is keen to ensure this project receives ample scrutiny whilst reducing the burden on the community wherever possible. For this reason, the Committee invites EOIs to appear at the public hearings rather than full written submissions.

Where members of the community have something additional to say that was not covered in an earlier written submission to the ACT Government, can be included in the EOIs.

EOIs should be no more than 2 pages. Please include your name, phone number, postal and email addresses, before sending your EOIs in either digital or physical form to one of these addresses:

By email (preferred):

By post: Standing Committee on Planning, Transport and City Services, ACT Legislative Assembly, GPO Box 1020, Canberra ACT 2601

Closing date for EOIs is 5pm on Friday, 27 October 2023. If you have any difficulty meeting this deadline, please request an extension. Please note that, whilst the Committee endeavours to hear from as many stakeholders as possible, an EOI will not automatically guarantee a place at the public hearings.

Planning Review TOR

4. Legislative Assembly Planning Transport and City Services Committee - Planning Bill 2022 Inquiry 21 September 2023,
Report Released 22 December 2022


5. ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project- Draft district strategies and draft Territory Plan
Consultation 1 November 2022 - 3 March 2023