New picnic tables update

03 August 2023

Your YRA committee hosted a thank you lunch for Cord Civil at the picnic table on Alexandrina Drive.  It was a beautiful day and a reminder of what a nice spot this is to have a picnic lunch or morning tea.

17 July 2023

The YRA has purchased five sets of tables and benches to enable our residents to meet in and enjoy our green spaces. The tables were installed through a generous sponsorship from Cord Civil to the Yarralumla Community.

About the tables and their locations
Four sets are 5 metres off the shared path for easy access by our older residents, wheelchair users and families with prams. They are spaced to enable our walkers a sit down if required, and are near easily identifiable streets. A plan to add picture signage is also on our drawing board, to help young or old describe where they are if they’re a bit lost.

Each table has 3 bench seats and the end nearest the shared path has a 1 x 2.5 metre concrete slab to enable wheelchairs or prams to come right up to the table.

New grass has been sown around the tables, so please don’t use them if the orange webbing fence is still up,. They will be ready for use well before early spring.

Our thanks to Cord Civil for their assistance
YRA want to acknowledge Cord Civil and thank them for their assistance and sponsorship of the installation of the tables. Cord Civil built the concrete pads for the tables and set up and installed the tables and benches. We are very grateful for this support of our community by Cord Civil.

Where are the tables?
1. Corner of Newman St and Weston St: Near the crossing
2. Loftus Street: Near the shared path pedestrian crossing near the school
3. Schlich Street: Near the shared path pedestrian crossing below the school oval
4. Alexandrina Drive: Next to the shared path opposite and up the rise from the rowing clubs
5. Hampton Circuit Park: On the north-eastern side of the park