Time to pack your red bows away until next December.

25 January 2023

Your bows can be used for years to come.  At the end of each festive season, give your bow a vacuum or a gentle wash and pack it away for next year.

We don’t want to see our red bows in landfill, so if you have red bows that you no longer need, YRA will take them and reuse them.

You can:

  • Drop them off at 63 Schlich Street or 39 Macdonnell Street – leave them behind the letterbox.
  • Email us if you are unable to drop off your bows. We’ll collect your bow from your porch or we can take it off the tree for you.

If you’re moving from Yarralumla, why not leave the bow for the new owner with a note about Yarralumla’s red bow tradition and how to tie up the bow.

We can stay in the green on the waste hierarchy while enjoying our red bow tradition by ensuring no longer needed bows are returned for reuse.

waste hierarchy diagram 835x781