Fixing our streets - why are paths and curbs roped off on many of our streets?

31 October 2022

Footpaths and curbs that are roped off with orange flags are the areas being repaired or replaced by the department as part of a major maintenance undertaking in our suburb. For some residents, these short term closures will be inconvenient and difficult to negotiate, but we are fortunate the department has taken a 'whole of suburb' approach to this maintenance which will result in much improved safety of our paths and curbs for our whole community.

While the department has tried to identify all paths needing maintenance there will be some they've missed and they rely on members of the community to report areas needing maintenance.

If your damaged footpath has fresh white paint markings on it, like the photo on the right, then the department already has your path on the list.

If your path looks like the photos below, and doesn't have any fresh white paint markings, act now and lodge a Fix My Street request using the Fix My Street Report Form.

Any time there is something that needs fixing in your street such as broken light pole, overgrown street trees, unsafe footpath, please report it by using the Fix My Street Report Form.

 Broken footpath

Broken footpath 4

Broken footpath 7