YRA AGM Outcomes

09 September 2022

Your committee for 2022-23 is

President -Peter Pharaoh
Vice President - Mike Lewis
Secretary – Ingrid Mitchell
Assistant Secretary – Anne Charlton
Treasurer - David Johnstone
Assistant Treasurer – Alan Froud
Public Officer - Dianna Wright
Committee Members - Robert Cussel, Catherine Foley, Steve Foley, Margaret Pentony and Jan Tankiang.

Welcome to our new Assistant Treasurer Alan Froud. Alan has been a dedicated member of the YRA Tree Group for several years and brings to the committee a wealth of experience working in cultural institutions.

I would like to thank Steve Foley who has led the YRA as President with energy and dedication over the past difficult year as we struggled through Covid 19 having hybrid in house and zoom meetings and trying our best for Yarralumla navigating through the pandemic. Steve is staying on the Committee.

Leaving the Committee are a previous long serving committee member and previous President- David Harvey who bought so much and gave so much to the Yarralumla Community. David will long be remembered for contributions such as Yarralumla Does Christmas, the Red Bows and involvement in the Brickworks development. Special thanks also to Chris Windsor- our previous Secretary and another long serving committee member who not only was a fabulous and very organised secretary but organised the annual Clean up Australia in Yarralumla.