Red bows in our pocket parks

20 November 2021

Go for a walk and visit our nine pocket parks and admire the massive Arizona Cypress dressed in their festive red bows.  These trees are the feature of these small corner parks and all are registered trees on the ACT Tree Register. The trees are between 16 and 22 metres tall and their girths are between 10 metres and 25 metres.

Scroll down to see the photos of our Arizona Cypress dressed in their red bows.

If you'd like to dress your street tree for the festive season and don't have a red bow from previous years, you can order bows online and we'll deliver them, or purchase them at our red bow stall on 27th November at the shops between 8.00am and 11.00am.

Map of Yarralumla Pocket Parks

Pocket Park Map 1

Pocket park photos

PP Solander Schlich

Novar Schlich

PP Hooker Novar E

PP Hooker Banks

PP Solander Banks S

Schlich Mueller 

PP Mueller Hooker

PP Hooker Novar1