Fix my street

03 October 2022

Please remember to use the Fix My Street portal as much as possible. If there is something that needs fixing in your street such as broken light pole, overgrown street trees, unsafe footpath, please report it by using the Fix My Street Report Form

Do you have a suggested area for a new footpath?

This website can also be used to suggest the installation of new footpaths. The ACT Government has a master list of new footpaths to be installed and the number of reports to Fix My Street can help with prioritizing which ones are built first.

Suggested areas for new footpaths include (1) Weston Street between Hopetoun Circuit and Guilfoyle Street and (2) Guilfoyle Street between Newman Street and Gunn Street.

Do you want to see all the issues reported in the last 90 days, find out when street sweeping or grass mowing is scheduled?

This website will provide information on the above and display a map of all the issues reported in Yarralumla in the past 90 days. Just enter Yarralumla as the suburb name to find information on all the local services.