Heritage Street Signs

22 May 2021

Part of Yarralumla’s heritage are two historic street signs on the corner of Banks and Hooker Streets and Banks and Bentham Streets.  These signs were common throughout Canberra in the 1920s, however, with the increasing popularity of motor cars, motorists complained they couldn’t read the street signs as they whizzed past at 20 miles per hour.  Consequently, they were replaced by more modern signs.

Unfortunately, the signs were somewhat neglected but following a request from a YRA member, the YRA was successful in obtaining a grant from ACT Heritage and Roads ACT towards restoring them.  YRA engaged a professional conservator who cleaned the posts and applied a sacrificial render coating to repair and protect the posts.  YRA volunteers then painted the lettering.

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IMG 3959IMG 4001

Renovation Heritage SIgn Sequence Arpil 2020