Red Bows for Yarralumla's street trees - last orders

11 December 2020

We started a new tradition for Yarralumla last festive season, dressing our street trees with red bows during the December-January festive season. 

Last year the YRA dressed the trees at the entrances to Yarralumla, at the shops and in Novar Street.  Our residents did the rest with over 600 of our street trees sporting big red bows for the festive season.

Orders for bows closing on Wednesday 16th December

One of our dedicated members has done all the hard work.  She has measured, cut, rolled and labelled 1.8 kilometres of fabric for bows for our street trees.

However, we've now exhausted supplies of red netting from local sources.  We are hoping for one more delivery this week from interstate.  We hope this will be enough to fill all orders but we can't guarantee it.

What size bow do you need?

Measure your tree
There are three lengths of bows available so please measure the girth of your tree so we can sell you the right size bow. Please measure carefully as our fabric supplies are limited and the very large bows use a lot of fabric.

You'll need about 3 metres plus the girth of your tree.

Cost of the bows: Small $4 (3.5m), Medium $5 (4.5m), Large $6 (5.5m).

How to order
Email your order to us using the link below:

Red Bow Order

Please include in your email:

  • your street name
  • your name and contact number
  • number of bows and size of each bow.

Do it yourself red bows for your street trees

You'll need red polyester netting which is usually available from Lincraft or Spotlight.  YRA's recent checks of these stores that there were no bulk amounts available but you might still find small amounts enough for one tree.  If you have no luck finding red and you really want to join in then you could consider green for this year.
Price is between $2-$3 per metre.  You'll need the girth of your tree plus 3 metres but this amount will do two trees as the fabric is quite wide so you split the fabric lengthwise to make two lengths.

See our Detailed instructions on how to make, tie and store red bows