Trees, Trees, Trees

22 May 2020

The NCA pine tree removal program undertaken at the cnr of Hopetoun Crt and Alexandrina Drive has been a windfall to Yarralumla. Following negotiations with the NCA, YRA was able to obtain some 720 cubic metres of mulch for the suburb (620 cubic metres for the suburb and 100 cubic metres for the Yarralumla Primary School). The NCA also agreed to deliver this to the various sites at their expense. 

In the case of the Yarralumla Primary School, we had two working bees of 11 Yarralumla residents one day and 13 on another day and they moved 100 cubic metres of mulch to the various gardens around the school. We all came with wheel barrows, forks, rakes and shovels. The volunteers were ably supported by YRA Committee members  Chris Windsor, David Johnstone and Peter Pharaoh. This was a fantastic YRA community activity much appreciated by the school but even more so that in the current Covid 19 environment we were able to undertake this task while maintaining social distancing. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We are planning another work bee at the school  to clear some undergrowth and prune some trees in the playground. Prior to this work Dennis O‚ÄôLeary and Peter Pharaoh, the leader of the YRA Tree Maintenance Group  assisted the school to build a greenhouse in the school gardens.

Once we finished at the school we still had 620 cubic metres of mulch in Yarralumla to spread. This was off MacGillivray St (between Schlich and Weston Streets) and between Newman and Gunn Streets (between Guildfoyle and Loftus Streets). This was in the areas that the YRA tree group has previously pruned. TCCS provided support in the form of a TCCS bobcat to move the mulch from the 20 cubic metre mulch piles to about a metre around each oak tree in the relevant areas. This work started on Friday 1 May at the cnr of Newman and Gunn and Weston Streets. Once the TCCCS has moved the mulch to near each tree, the YRA will organize work gangs to spread the mulch evenly around the oak trees.  This mulch should last 2 to 4 years. Then we will need to top it up. This is part of our plan to save the oak tree plantations of Yarralumla that are under significant stress as a result of the drought.

Yarralumla park tree pruning has been halted with the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, however some pruning work will resume on school grounds in the next few weeks. Yes, social distancing will be maintained.

The NCA  in association with Greening Australia and FOG organized the planting of 350 native seedlings in the area of Hopetoun and Alexandrina where the pine trees were removed.

Want to join the YRA Tree Maintenance Group?  Email Peter Pharaoh at Tree Maintenance Group