Red bows for our street trees - available online now

19 November 2021

In 2019 we started a new tradition for Yarralumla, dressing our street trees with red bows during the December-January festive season. 

Last year over 600 of our street trees sported big red bows for the festive season.  The Governor-General also joined in the Yarralumla festive spirit and adorned the 1918 Heritage listed Elm trees on either side of Dunrossil Drive – from the entrance to the Cotter Road.

Our Christmas red bows are available only to Yarralumla residents. They've been so popular we just can't meet the demand beyond our suburb. 

If you don't live in Yarralumla but are keen to have red bows read our Detailed instructions on how to make, tie and store your red bows to find all you need to know to make your own bows.

Order bows online

Order and pay for your bows online and we'll deliver them to your door. 

Here is the red bow order form.

What size bow do you need? Details of how to measure and what size bow you need are on the order form.

Red Bow stall - Saturday 11th December 8.00am to 12.00pm

We'll be at the Yarralumla shops on Saturday 11th December. You'll need to pay with cash as we don't have electronic facilities at the moment.